Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday musings

Hard to deal with sometimes

I think I'm coming back towards myself. Actually I'm coming more towards being myself. I like to be organised and I'm quite a planner, though I like to leave room for the Universe to do her thing too. Working together a little more instead of always being in charge. Firstly I'm finding myself far less anxious and also a lot more enthusiastic about my beautiful life and enjoying the special moments in my day a little more. Actually I'm just taking time to be in the moment, because I used to derive so much pleasure in whizzing through my day, quietly, but frantically ticking through my to-do list and always adding more. There is no sense in that honestly.

I read these, and thought they were most useful musings as we start another glorious week in March 2015.
Stop the glorification of exhaustion
Put your phone down - there is far more happening in real life
START NOW! (NOTE to Self!)

Be kind to yourself. Let go with grace.


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