Sunday, March 15, 2015

Broody bunny

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It's Mother's Day today in most parts of the world, but South Africa. Still, it sure is reason to celebrate.

Great Mammas make the world spin around. So do great Pappas, but that is not what this is about.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Mammahood up close now for real, when my bestie, the most beautiful woman I know on levels I cannot explain and definitely cannot explain without tears welling my eyes and my heart swelling inexplicably with all sorts of emotions, when she became a Mama.

At our age, even as aunts, while we get to really understand the intricacies of carrying life and the absolute honour of bringing life into the world, it still feels quite far removed. When my bestie told me she was pregnant(though I could see it on her beautiful face way before), it really catapulted me into a different reality of what Mamahood entails and I was amazed. I had no doubt that these two little babes, yes she's major like that, she was pregnant with twins, were being carried by the best Mama on earth. She is fierce!! She is so gentle, but as a Mamma she be fierce. Have you ever witnessed someone go so gently and easily into something, taking everything in her stride. Yep, she surely was born to do this.

When your closest friend becomes a Mama, well for me, what I've realised that it really raises the stakes of what this all means and really entails. I loove kids. I always say that they are my favourite version of human. When my first nephew was born and they put him in my arms at 4 hours old, I never knew the hear could carry so much love. I am still finished for him to this day and well will be forever and ever! Amen! Going into that warm hospital room, to see my friends newborn babes was such a surreal experience. What an honour to see these precious, little people only hours after they came into the world. Honestly it doesn't get more special. Holding them, I knew too, oh my gosh, I'm going to love you forever and I will find you ridiculously funny even when your Mama may not be so amused by your antics sometimes. I mean what are Honoray aunts for?!

I've never deemed myself hectically broody. Like I've never been like I have to have a baby right now.I'm very focused on the fundamentals of having children like can I afford to give them the best life imaginable? If my child grew up to be just like their father would that make me happy and proud?Have my baby daddy and I spent enough time getting to know each other and travelling the world à deux, before we become a famille en nombre?Am I alright within myself to bring a precious little one into the world? This is such an unimaginably huge responsibility and whilst you're never really ready, I wanted to have some bases covered.

So seeing my bestie become the best Mamma (I'm not biased, she's amazing), really made me think of being a Mamma as something not that far removed anymore. It clearly was something I envisioned far off in the distance, now it made it seem closer and delightfully and sometimes tiredly delectable and very overwhelming too.

I don't know if I'm more of less broody now, but I am a little more terrified and awestruck at the wonderful journey ahead of raising a little one in my hands for a little while and carrying them in my heart always.

They be but little for such a short time. Let them be little and enjoy the preciousness that is.

Great Mammas raise wonderful humans.

Loves xx

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  1. How did I only see this now? This is amazing my darling friend - I can't believe soe one would think these things of me as a mama. I teared up well reading it and my heart is glowing in gratitude and honour - gratitude that you are my friend, and honour in being yours. OS much love xxx


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