Friday, March 13, 2015

Are we there yet?

Love everything! From here

It's been a long week. I have that feeling that I've done nothing. Of course I've done stuff, but you know you get those weeks where you feel like you just not made a dent in those ever growing to-do lists? I'm a list maker, what can I say.

I needed some happy reads just to remember that there is a lot of lovely in everyday...

I think this may be my BEST of the month, look at these garbage collectors in spain taking a break
This beautiful African woman really making sense of why we should all be feminists 
These incredible women are catching a new wave 
Henriette Botha's new collection for AW15 is incredible. Want it all!
Listen in on these podcasts. I want to try all at least once.

We can feel it in the air, our beautiful long, hot summer days are making way for Autumn to bring its rusty leaves through. 

Have a wonderful week. Enjoy Friday 13. It's a lucky number in Italian and I always go with that.

Do something that makes your heart smile. Do it often.


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