Friday, December 5, 2014


Happy Friday beauties. This week just blitzed past, but frankly, I've also been so busy that I've just been going with the bullet train. Hopped off a flight on Monday and I've been blitzing through since and LOVING IT!

Weekends are awesome and I'm really looking forward to it, just some down time. Kitchen time and cuddles with my boys and my besties beautiful babes. Chubby, squishy cheeks and little giggles and garbled baby language. THE BEST!!

Must be some eating. I want to try and make almond milk this weekend too! Woopi di woop! Loves me a new little experiment. Also looking forward to some time with my fam jam! Yaysies!

So here are some links from me to you from the interwebs:

Can we please get a Truth Booth
Dream job anyone?

Buy yourself some beautiful flowers, eat fresh fruit or veggies straight from the earth. Play outside, swim, dance. Forgive! Move on! Love! KISS! HUG! Do whatever frees your soul and respects the freedom of others.

Have a weekend filled with living!


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