Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy New Year ... ME!

It's my birthday. As my bestie put it in my message this morning, another ring around the sun and another wish upon many moons. It is another year that I have been on this earth. Exciting right.

I was blessed with my beautiful nephews singing out loud and playing the cello in my ear this morning. Love is...honestly and also you are pretty sure at that point that you are awake!

Heavy hearted a little, that's how I went into this birthday. Last year this time, I was all giddy and fully loved up and giddily gliding through my birthday.

What a difference a year makes and in some instances, you feel like you haven't moved at all.

Lightness, faith, gratitude and love. That's my birthday wish for us all.



  1. Happy Happy birthday honey, hope your heart has lifted as the day progressed and that it was filled with all the love that was shared and poured out on the day. I hope that you had a wonderful and happy day, and wishing you a truly great and inspiring year ahead xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely woman you. My spirit definitely lifted as the day and weekend progressed. Thank you for your wishes xx


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