Friday, June 20, 2014


I'm exhausted. That's what I feel about this week. Exhausted, but excited! I've had so little sleep this week, I've done a considerable amount of work. No pat on the back for myself yet, but I am grateful that I've managed to get a lot done.

I've been thinking lately, how romance seems like it's made a departure of sorts. Good old fashioned romance and courtship. Something so special about feeling special and treasured. Whether it's flowers, just a call or a thoughtful text, treat her like a lady, a gem. It's an awesome feeling for all involved.

Have a beautiful weekend bloglets!

Here are some lovely links for some weekend inspiration:

My new favourite kind of exercise/torture: pilates (I'm not a convert yet)
How about a little baking? Brownies are always a good idea.
You can cast some serious shade in these sunnies
Giggles are always a good idea

Oh and buy her flowers

Keep your eye on the prize!

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