Monday, May 26, 2014

Well DONE!

I realised just now as I instagrammed a pic of my most epic green juice that I've ever made , that I never ever say well done to myself. I never acknowledge doing something well, when I may just have done just that, done well. How the hell can I strive for excellence, when I don't acknowledge it when I myself may gave just done something great. Seems kind of contrary to the point right.

Also my good friend just called me to say thank you for doing something for her. She went on to say that I am so efficient and professional and if I'm this good with my friends that I must have really lucky clients and they must be spoilt. I did my usual, I brushed it off and redirected it. You see I'm not so good at attention and praise I am. But it just dawned on me now as I was writing this post, that that was an incredibly lovely thing to hear a friend I've known since we were 13 say about me. Well done me right?! Eek!

Do you give yourself praise where it's due dear readers? How many times do you just take even the teeniest tiniest moment to just acknowledge when you've done something well?

Well today is a pretty darn good day to start. At the end of today, I task you to find at least 5 things that you've done well today. I'd love it if you let me know what some of them were. So comment away. I'll let you know mine. Also if someone praises you, say nothing else, but Thank You.

Oh and if you're into juicing...use swiss chard instead of spinach, it's tasty magic.

Happy Monday you beauties


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