Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hello Tuesday you beauty

The sun was shining brightly today. So I can't be sullen or in a bad mood. Terrible things happen sometimes, yes of course, but well let us just leave them where they lie and look up and move on. Preferably with a big smile on our dear faces.

Gratitude is where I am at lately. Oki dokes, where I am headed.

We have so much to be grateful for. By gosh do we ever. If we all started counting even the littlest things that we can be grateful for in an hour, my goodness the list would really be so long. Here's my little activity for your day.

Just stop yourself at different intervals in the day today, whether it is every hour or at different junctures in your day and just think about what you have to be grateful for.

I'll be trying it to. I was chatting to my sister yesterday and we were talking about how we can find ourselves complaining a lot and really talking about all the yucky stuff happening, but in reality, that is not the bulk of our lives.

If we must count anything, let us count our blessings.

Happy Tuesday beauties


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