Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hats off

This Chanel veil is incredible.
I've decided I want to wear hats today. Not for autumn/winter, but I'll see if I'll be into them and carry it into the warmer seasons. However let's not get ahead of ourselves.(see what I did there).
Keeping it simple from here
Snuggly for winter, with a hat for control.
So many choices to make, which ones am I brave enough to hide under. I'm not about fashion at all, but I'm really fascinated by hats lately. I think they're calling me. Hihi. Here are a few more of my finds on the interwebs.

Thrilled by this little trilby.

Sleek in Armani
So how will you top off your outfits? Is this even your vibe.

Hats off to you all.

Stay warm lovelies xx

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