Thursday, December 5, 2013


I had the best evening last night. I was chatting with my little 4 month old bestlets and my oh my were there chuckles last night. I'm still laughing thinking about it. All I could think was I am SO in love, these little bunnies have stolen my heart and really I don't want it back. There is nothing I wouldn't do for them, except if they're teens and it's dangerous, but my heart is taken.

Made me think about love in all its splendour. Can love for adults be this all consuming and course through ever synapse. Perhaps, but I think big babies don't come to us perfectly packaged right. Babies are perfect, that is without a doubt.

But our bigger selves, we fall in love and we see perfection in each other imperfections. There is that thing that makes it worth it.Love perhaps?



  1. Kafka and the joy of babies. This is a perfect post right here.

  2. Oh what a wonderful post. Printing this out for the babes's book. You are wonderful to them. Xxx


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