Friday, February 15, 2013

Whimsical weekend

Best you believe!!

Well I've been having some time off lately. It's been great and super busy. But what a wonderful feeling and an inconceivable treat it is to be able to wake up everyday without that awful and unfamiliar dread that used to fill my mornings for the past few months. I made the best decision of my life so far and I'm loving my new year thus far. Mine started on the 1 February 2013, so I can still safely say. Happy new year ya'll!

What are your plans for the weekend?I am attending my very first baby shower tomorrow of the year. Great way to start the year. Mine has been filled with the MOST delightful baby news EVER!!

Bunny ears for my little Binklets

Organic cotton leggings for cute little leglets

After that it's a little bit of birthday fun to celebrate Bailey's hubby's birthday! Woop woop! Funsies in their totes gorgeous apartsies!!

Ears,eyes and heart open...

I've had a super busy Friday so far, which me loves. I'm at my best when bustling about. Feeling rather fanciful too. Wishing you a lovely weekend. Do something whimsical and dress up a little fancy and while away a lot of time with people who warm your heart.

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