Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday musings

Can I just say, THANK YOU. I had a wonderful weekend. Yes I'm feeling a little congested in the nose area, but I'll live. With a really big smile on my face too. And an even warmer heart. I know some lovely people, this is true and I spent this weekend with some truly special ones. Lucky girl I am.

For Lent this year I've given up a series of things, but also taken up a few new good habits. (will do a full post about this sometime soon.) So it's good to be making my way into these habits daily.

I am still trying to do one thing that scares me. Not in the EEEK!! run for my life kind of scared, but in the little things that are big things to each one of us, because we've upped the fear scale on them. Try and do one of these things every day. It is quite amazing to see yourself on the other side of it. Also it's great to commit to doing something. Whatever it is, commit to it and see it through.

Some of us are great, exuberant starters, but how many of us see everything we start with inimitable exuberance to the end? Finish!! That's what it's about, the finish line! You have to make it there.

Stay awesome. Be persistent, be consistent. Make it to the finish line. Whatever you deem yours to be.

Oh and wear sunscreen ;)

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