Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heart stuff


Okay,I think I've been fronting for MANY years! I think the ONLY reason I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's day is because it has fed my loser complex for at least one day of every single year since high school, bar one or two maybe. In high school I was never the girl who got bucket fulls of red roses. Though I am always eternally grateful for my late blooming!

But this is a cool day, it's a day to celebrate love gosh darn it, where is the lack of lovely in that?!

So go on with you bad Valentine's day selves. Rock the love!

When I'm lucky enough to have a Valentine...this is what I would wear out to celebrate an extra day of our special love stuff...

Valentino on Valentine's Day seems apt

Whimsical in white

You had me at...
And just so my future valentine knows...

and the day after that too

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