Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Indeed you should!

There are many joys of being a South African, one being that if a public holiday falls on a Sunday, we also get the Monday off. So happy little me to wake up yesterday and not have to drag myself to el dreaded office. So I decided to do a number of chores that I had set aside for far too long.This time, not because of procrastination at least, but sheer exhaustion and a schedule crazier than I ever imagined.

A fine art it sure it.

So yesterday I decided to polish my shoes. Such fun! I had all my equipment out, cut my cloths to apply the shoe cream. It's been a long time since I last polished shoes, but I do love it. What I love more than anything is what it reminds me of, my Daddy.

That's what I used to do every Sunday from about the age of 8 I think. That was my special chore, to polish Daddy's shoes for the week on a Sunday afternoon. I used to sit in the kitchen by the back door or on the stoep (verandah) newspapers laid out with all my Daddy's shoes that were almost as long as my little arm and used to twirl around my hands, back then. There was really nothing dreaded chore like about this. Little moron me, felt it the GREATEST honour ever, to polish this man's shoes. This man that I thougha nd still think is such a consummate collection of alot that is marvellous in my world and the world in general. I used to imagine him walking into important meetings, seated at the head of a long table, being very important  (as one imagines only their Dad can be) and everyone being so impressed how shiny his shoes are. So shiny they can see themselves in them. Oh the mindless musings of a very imaginative child :) Obviously I didn't get to go along to work with my Dad very often and especially not into his meetings, though I was allowed to photocopy my hand to my heart's content and possibly risk potential blindness..haha.. Polishing his shoes however, made me feel so much part of my Dad's life and that I get to be the one who makes his shoes look so amazing.

Fancy schmancy shoes - Paul Smith - shoe polishing kit

Labour of LOVE...if ever there was one.This was it without a doubt. It was such a ritual too, from stripping the week before's polish with methylated spirits, then applying the polish, then waiting for it to dry, then brushing it off, then buffing with my mother's old and sometimes not so old stockings.(oops) All ready for him to rock, roll and wow the crowds in the week.

That's what yesterday reminded me of. Such bliss, such wonderful wonderings and as I sat there applying the shoe cream to my now very high heels, I smiled, all the way from the bottom of my heart, thinking how I was enjoying what I was doing, especially since it reminded of the magic of doing something little, with so much heart and love, for someone who I love so much.

Every Sunday when I polished Daddy's shoes, I imagined him smiling when he looked down at his shiny shoes at any time during the week thinking that I made his shoes so shiny. I didn't get paid for this chore, but my Dad's, "thank you my girl," everytime I carried the pairs precariously back to his room, while I always wore one pair, as we do. That meant and still means the world to me, much like my main man himself.

Look for what makes you shine this week, from the inside out.

Do little things with great love.


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