Monday, December 31, 2012


Looks pretty festive

So it's New Year's Eve today I'm told. I'm in the office. Working?! Should have been out of here, exactly 23 minutes ago, but I'm not. Also waiting for them to finish washing my car and it gives me time to blog in peace.(*little giggle*)

I've spent the entire year talking about how on the other side of not great this year has mostly been, but it's over, well almost and I'm here in almost one piece.

So all I really have to say to that, to the Universe, to God is THANK YOU!

Wishing you all a beautifuld day today spent with all your favourite people, even if that's just yourself (like me). Rest up, lie down, tell the truth, live your truth, be passionate, be kind, be happy, be sad, be you all the way to the bottom of your heart. Do it with all your heart, all the many things that you want to do. Be a brave little adventurer and an invincible conqueror of the things that capture your eye and the magic that captures your heart.

I'm sending love, light, bubbles, giggles and happiness to all of you beauties!


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