Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Champ

So my friend Maxie and I were discussing the many merits of a petit sac par Longchamp, as we proudly rushed out of lunch time yoga. While I think my frame is far too large to go for most things of a petit varietal, being the bag lover that I am, I lamented that I do not in fact own a classic, plain, Longchamp sac. Woe be tide!! How did this happen?!

A little fun for the summer...

So I thought I'd just write a post as an ode to this classic of a bag lady in the know. My dearest Bailey, classic as she is kind, was looking gorgeous as we caught up for a quick juice on Saturday, classic Lonchamp, sac en noir in hand!

Just what get up and go, busy girls like us need. Everyday glam a la Longchamp !

Start with a classic!

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