Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh Pollock(s)

I haven't blogged much this month at all. It's been a rough month.Not really the highlight of my 2012 calendar, but we press on.
Jackson Pollock "Convergence"

Another week has come to an end and another has begun. I feel like my head, heart and soul are as frenzied as a Pollock painting.

So much is going on at the moment.So much to get done and in some cases somethings to stop. I guess in times of change, angst comes in varying degrees. My Virgo self, more prone to anxiety than some I presume, because perfection is often desired (not altogether realistic, but it's the truth none the less), I find myself feeling far more anxious than most. Coupled with this strange drive to handle everything myself (I know not why I do these things), I can make my own life pretty difficult at times. (oh so unnecessarily so might I add).

Perfect for wading through the waters of my life perhaps?

This has been a rough month.Lots of lessons learnt, but one key thing that has stood out, is learning to let go. On so many levels.Learning to let issues go, learning to let people go (the action is far far less daunting than thinking about it). So many things we hold onto that hold us more than just back. They just hold us, make us stand in one place and frankly make no difference. Change is often everything.LEARNING is about how we change. I need to learn to embrace change. Hey it's all a process. Can't rush it, but can't procrastinate either.

Feb has been a month of closing chapters. I love books and reading, though this month I really haven't been in that space. It's difficult to absorb anything in a book, when your mind is a myriad of convergences as in the Pollock above. But here's the thing..I think that when we close chapters, as much as it signifies an end, we are done with that part of the book or our lives, we can always page back and revisit those chapters just to see what was there and remind ourselves where we were AND why it all makes sense in the end.

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