Monday, February 6, 2012


"Don't live like people do..."

They sure don't. Memories are what we get left behind with. The aim for this post is to get through it without bursting into tears. Or quietly crying. Whatever...trying not to do the tears thing in the office!
That would be me...end scene

After a deep soul searching chat at dinner with my good friend Maxie on Friday night. I opened my bag to look at my phone and get news that literally made my heart stop and my body stand still, save for the involuntary shaking that took over my entire body! A great and dear friend had passed away. As peacefully as he lived his life quite frankly, but still sitting here, saying to myself SAY IT ISN'T SO!!

I have no words for this. I always have words, but my heart is broken deep down inside to a place I can't even explain where the hurt and the brokenness reside.(Oops I feel the tears coming on). You know when your heart is so sore, you can feel it almost convulsing in pain.

It's very rare to feel your heart physically beating.It's struggling now. Don't mean to sound dramatic, but this is the truth.As best as I can express it,because in all honesty I have no words left. The one thing I usually have lots of!
Let's not assume.Make the most of what we have.

To my dear friend Sifiso. I cannot believe it, we don't believe it's true.Trying to take a leaf from your book of absolutely chilled wisdom. (It's not working, I'm just shattered instead.) Trying to comfort myself with the thought that your time here is done. Your work here is done.

Maybe you are  a "Travelling man.""Moving through places, space and time, (you) gotta lot a things to do...God willing you'll come back to (us)"

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