Monday, November 7, 2011

It's magic!

Believe in it!
The magic of God (whomever you believe him to be) smiling on you. The magic of the Universe conspiring to give you something that you want with all your heart.

Life is by no means easy,but it sure is worth it. Reading Rochelle's blog this morning, she had the best inspiration ever HAPPINESS. Yep that's the theme for the week. Really it should be for life.

Keep them not kill them with kindness.

As I said in my blog post last week, times they are a changing and I've had these little, okay almost glaring hints that the universe is conspiring WITH me to help me achieve all these things that my heart so earnestly desires!Also I guess the Universe is quite happy and encouraged that I too am not sitting waiting for universal provision, but rather seeing what I can do, to speed up the process.

It makes the world go roundsies!

So let's go off in search of the magic. Magical moments are why we do this thing we do called life.Whether it's your Granny clapping her hands with excitement when she sees your car pull up, whether you see that special glint of love in your husband, boyfriend, boyfriend or hubby to be's eye.
Oh my word my tummy hurts,but I just can't stop!
The magic of a good proper belly laugh (lolsies) or hearing little kiddies laugh (my heart swells at the thought). The magic of hearing your Dad excited to hear your voice on the phone (makes my day EVERYTIME). Magic, it's everywhere! Find it and create the magical moments everyday!

Believe in the magic people! Have a magical Monday!

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