Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Splish splash

I want to be a kid again! I am a kid inside actually, but I miss her. She's been sidelined for this quasi-fembot.Wake up,shower,dress,work,eat breakfast,work,eat lunch,work,maybe go grab a freezo, work, go to class on Monday and Wednesday, wolf down whatever's quickest for dinner, sleep,wake up in a sweat thinking about work, fit full sleep, wake up, do it all over again for very little money!Eek!
Scary just writing that out!

I need to play again. I wanna grab my friends Bailey and Rochie and we can do this!
Something about water and this summer heat and these two new true friends who I know would be all up in this hosepipe splashing madness with me!

Or even by myself, I'd love to do this.

Need I say more.
As we bask in this glorious summer heat. As those of us sans swimming pool, desperately dream of slipping beneath that cool water, gliding along the bottom, submerged in a cool slick of bliss. Water, swimming, just screams of childhood, fun, freedom and newness. I'm in desperate need of all of the above. Not to mention the inexplicable happiness that accompanies all of the above.

1 comment:

  1. I am there lie a bear under that hosepipe darling x


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