Thursday, September 1, 2011

Office Vrou-mance

Dream Space

So the highlight of my job has been being meeting Bailey. (FULLSTOP) When she walked into the office, on day two(a day I considered not arriving for, mind you - very glad I did) and I heard a little rustle from her drawer every few seconds and then she whispered across our desks, would you like one. And THERE IT WAS,MAGIC! A friendship, an impenetrable bond formed over a pack of Raisin chuckles. So here I sit all these months later, battered and bruised from!But I still get excited when I come back from study leave to see that little car in the basement parking cos I know my friend in the office already!yeeha!And the many new soundtracks to my work day that appear in my cropbox(teehee - private joke)!

This would be our core business.

So with that in mind, and all our conversations later, the time for us to open our own little happy office space is getting closer and closer, so here's me looking at some inspiration. Some impetus to get our AIG (Asses Into Gear)!Of course we wouldn't make any drastic space decisions without consulting Rochies.

Zen Storage corner..Ohmmm

Keep our current seating aarrangement perhaps?!

Or side by side? (boom boom)
Single space option!Yes!

Sunlight is a must and so is the fresh air.
Bailey needs this to draw her favourite places.

AND...we'd wear these to work everyday!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I am inspired. And grateful to have met you. That's all (but so much more)

  2. Ps. That chalkboard is amazing. As are the spaces. At least we know our office will look good :)


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