Friday, September 30, 2011

90 minutes and still standing

It's been a while. Gotta get back into the swing of things.

So my 2 sheroes for the day are Bailey and myself. Where were we to be found this morning before most birds even woke up?! In a yoga studio! That's right, Bailey and I, 5:30am, in a studio blasting 40 degree heat no less. We decided an early FRIDAY morning was a great time to try out Bikram yoga!How our minds work, fascinates me really. Cos sitting here writing this, this all seems a little nuts.

Felt a lot like this in class.

None the less we did it! All 90 minutes and no doubt, I feel better for it. I feel great actually. Feeling a little more emotional than usual, but it's all part of the yogic release. Amazing stuff this.

This advice was most needed.
Walked into the prison, otherwise known as my office, feeling alive and refreshed and unbeknownst to me, I needed this morning's centering, because some people up in here are begging for a high five across the face with a chair. Grrrr!

Anyway breathing through that. Over that now! Not letting them ruin my early morning peace and happiness. Taking this stillness well into the weekend and well into my new month. Great way to end  a GLORIOUS birthday month and great way to stride into a new one.

Mm.. little treat for us perhaps, if we stick to our routine! Yoga bag styling!

Of course this has been my John Mayer week, so only fitting that I listened to him on my way to work. This song is dedicated to one of the key principles of yoga to work with kindness with yourself and your body.

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