Thursday, August 11, 2011

Office politics

We work in an open plan office. well so do a lot of people, but ours does not seem to have the kind of office decorum usually observed in an open plan environment. So some of us IM a lot. So you will hear a lot of little discreet chuckles dotted around the office at the different desks of all those involved in the banter. But since our screens aren't exactly shielded behind those little middle of the desk divider things, we have come up with names for some of the office offenders!

Strangely all the nicknames we have for these offenders have landed up being SA political figures. We matched the office offender and their disruption to a political figure who may have similar traits. Thus we have:

                1. A Vavi

   2. Politics isn't politics without a JUJU (Though the real Malema is far brighter than our version)

      3. And a Zille of course!

             4.  A Lindiwe Sisulu

5. Oh wait, we even have a Zuma

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