Monday, August 15, 2011

Munching musings

I'm sick! I have a stomach bug.Something I've never had in my life, though the vaguely aniseedy taste of Flagyl took me back to a childhood stomach ache! I have a stomach bug! Don't recall having this in my adult life. Wow! I haven't eaten in 2 days! How do people do this voluntarily!?

I'm getting increasingly scared to eat though. The less I keep down the more afraid I become of eating anything, but sparkling water, because that's the only thing staying down right now.

Since I can't even keep orange juice down at the moment, now that I have a little energy, I'm thinking about what I'd like to eat if I could eat..

I'm sure this will make me feel better. Chocolate always does.

Not even a huge egg fan, but this "Spanglish" sandwich looks delicious!

Asparagus with feta...yum!!I would just drizzle a little olive oil over and lemon!Yum!!

The blueberries make this for me.

I don't ordinarily eat cheese, but this platter looks all cray cray kinds of amazing! I wouldn't even use cutlery!

Wash it down with a Freezo, iced -tea or a hot chocolate. Decisions, decisions.

But for now...guess it's time for some more electrolytes for dinner. Mm..let's go for black currant I say.

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