Saturday, August 27, 2011


This is me swooning over that word! WOW! Over the guy who said that word just now! Just got off the phone with my friend who wins the super sexy award of the month, perhaps year. EXPANSIVE VOCABULARY is sexy! For those of you who didn't know. Geeks are the sexiest guys!

Well geek has always been sexy!Guys who know lots of stuff are hot!

Not only did he say "epithet", he just placed this gorgeous linguistic gem in THE most appropriate context. SWOON SWOON!And all this peppered with the ever so slight british lilt.. (This is me swooning again). I personally have no words, just endless sighs over this experience. I would have asked him to marry me on the spot, if I wasn't waiting for my invitation to his wedding (hurry up and propose already!) to one of the most all encompassingly gorgeous women we've both met!

Really Edward you have rendered me blissfully speechless!

Definitely B for BRAVO

Surprise call from a great friend peppered with vocabulary gems! Saturday WIN! Made my day!

Note for the day: Great words from great men = SUPER SEXY!

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