Thursday, July 28, 2011

Super... Questions...

This week I have been asked 3 of the most Epically important questions...

1. If you had to pick a super power what super power would you choose?

2. If you could be invisible where would you go?

3. If you were given ONE free pass, what would you use it for?

mm... real brain jerkers I'd say! Wow! (insert deep pensive frown here), what would I choose?

To answer these questions...

1. If flying were a given, then the super power I'd choose is probably telepathy.I'd definitely like to be more telepathic than telepathetic.

2. This is a difficult one.So many options here,but which would I really choose. Still so undecided.Here are a few of my options;
* I'd follow my dad around, because he's SO EPICALLY AWESOME!(Probably number 1)
* Definitely stalk Michelle Obama for a bit.
* Hang out with Anna Wintour for a bit. (not that she's know..haha)
* Stand behind Jacob Zuma and smack him across the back of the head OFTEN.(I'd probably do this even if I weren't invisible)
* I'd run around doing little things to brighten people's days. (Everyone needs to believe in angels...Very Important) 

3. Another one where the answers are so difficult. But here are some thoughts:
* Fly Air Force One (EPIC) (Actually be the pilot, not a passenger)
* Be President of South Africa for at least 3 years (lots to be done people!)
* Be Father Christmas/Santa Claus (What would the female version be?), but I think I'd let kids see me, but only for a little so I could remain magical.But I would sprinkle some special dust so that they can never lose their child like charm, innocence and excitement about life.

Have a think! Super QUESTIONS hey. I sure think so.


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