Friday, July 15, 2011

Something pretty

There's NOTHING I don't like about this outfit and Alexa Chung.

My dream earrings. Perhaps I might even take these as an engagement ring. They are platinum after all.

I would get so much work done sitting here! #justsaying

I'd love to go somewhere tonight and this is what I'd love to wear.

Dream dress and ballet might help me get this back.
Oh summer where art thou. Spring at least! I'll take anything!
Oooh been searching for something pretty, but not actively looking, been harking after a pretty little surprise or a big one. Don't know what it is.Have no money to  buy it of course with the cost of text books and varsity fees ever present in my life. But what would you buy if money were no object or even on a budget. Here's some inspiration of pretty little things to get you into the mood for a weekend of wonderment...

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