Friday, July 22, 2011

I want to kiss you forever

I die everytime I read this!

Old friends are getting married.New friends are married.The common denominator though is that I am surrounded by some of the some of the most beautiful couples ever. Real love (not the Mary J Blige kind). Like warm my heart to its deepest chambers kind. Beautiful couples, who know that love is kind,it is patient and understanding,it is caring, it is intelligent, it is crazy and foolish, it is beautiful, it is loud, it is silent, it is willing and able, it is strong and unwavering.It is beautiful and those in it, speak their own language that they only understand, but it fills all of us lucky bystanders with an incredible warmth.

This gorgeous sunny winter weather has me feeling very loved up or rather has me thinking about love a lot.Driving to work one early morning a few weeks ago, as I was driving through a tree lined street, the sun rising through the trees for some reason my first kiss popped into my head. It was anxious, it was awkward and it was life changing.I was 19 and now I can put words to the feeling I had. My heart said, I want to kiss this boy forever.(Funny enough I'm choking up just writing that).But it's true.

That thought and feeling came over me on a early morning winter drive, but that's what love is.It hits you when you least expect it and it never leaves you, try as we might to make it.Not that we really want to deep down!(Honesty is the best policy).

Words of wisdom from Le Petit Prince

Love is a feeling,it's more than that though.It brings anger, but not animosity; faith but not fear, effort, love makes you try. So to all you loved up kids, grab the one you love and make the most of these sunny days together. Just remember what a beautiful thing you've allowed yourself to feel and chosen to experience and share.

So as we go into a hopefully sunny weekend, enjoy that loved up feeling and what ever LOVEly moments sun filled days take you too.

Have been listening to this song on repeat whilst writing this post.Perfect soundtrack for this I'd say.

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