Saturday, July 16, 2011

I wanna run this...

Clearly my body is VERY happy!No tears here.YET!
Umm wait, I just wanna run. Ooh I need to plan a goal marathon to run. Woke up after 6 hours sleep on a WEEKEND (insert what is wrong with me face here) and all I wanted to do was set up my Nike + and test out my Nike Lunar Glides! I hope they help me glide and not run.Ooh the faith we put in a shoe!!

But I woke up to try out this new app or whatever it is for my ipod. Love setting up new things! Just haven't been able to get into this running thing and deep down I really want to.Imagine hitting THE wall before I even start the run! I have problems, hopefully now I an glide over them with el lady coach screaming words of encouragement through my earphones and choosing the right tunes for me to power my run!Man oh man, so much pressure for a little itty piece of technology.

Here's to running...this joint!(Said joint being my BODY!)

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