A stern letter to myself

What I need to process. (Image taken from either pinterest or piccsy)
Dear Me

I am terribly worried about how you put off a LOT of stuff that you have to do. Procrastination is going to be the death of you! Really it is! This morning, case in point, electric toothbrush, running out of steam mid brush.Why?! Because I didn't charge it! for 3 WEEKS!! That is ridiculous! How do you put something off for 3 weeks?! how is that even possible?! Oh but it is?! This is definitely a disease! This is not healthy!

And the hours just fly by! Which means late nights recovering all the work not done, when it should have been! HOW ridiculous! Then no sleep, then exhausted! How did I catch this!? It is so dangerously out of hand! Tomorrow is another day I completely agree. It's another day to do that day's stuff.Not another day to do yesterday's stuff!

Girl!! You need to come correct! This stops now. You've even delayed this blog post for longer than can be calculated in actual time. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!!!!!!

I'm frustrated watching you and I am you. I am not happy.I am fraught with angst and immense frustration at all the stuff you know you have to do and are putting off till F knows when and for absolutely no reason! What are you going to put off giving birth even after your water breaks?!!What the hell!

The thing is, you have so much to do. So why are you leaving EVERYTHING to the last minute!?You have so much to do, something will fall apart!And so will you!! my word!How many more things have to almost go pear shaped?!You are already pear shaped!!!
Me thinking about what I have to do. (Image taken from piccsy.)

This ends now!!! This cannot go on any longer!! This is not living.Get organised! Get planning!Sort your life out! From today, get stuff done, everyday! You cannot write a to do list after you've done the stuff. It's not an achievement, IT'S CALLED CATCH UP.
Now be ahead! Be PREPARED! WELL PREPARED! You can't live a life, ducking and diving and avoiding being blindsided by self imposed, PROCRASTINATION induced consequences!Charm and wit and quick thinking will only get  you so far.You have a brain and are extremely capable, so use it and prove it!

It's no small ask!! WOW!

 So this is my advice to you....


  1. "To try, to persevere, is to ensure ultimate and complete victory..."

  2. I'm exactly the same sadly. I put off posting a damn letter for THREE MONTHS! C'maaaan!


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