Friday, December 10, 2010

Grace yourselves!!

Black and Gold perfection.

Image taken from The
When I'm old, I won't be wearing any hat of the purple variety. When I'm old, I will wear, black and gold.

I have no words for the absolute beauty of this ensemble. Even the pop of colour of the red BB is just right.This is grace at its truth. I wish more woman her (real) age could realise this. But, as I was saying the other day. You can put any dame in a dress and heels, put on just the right amount of makeup, right hair, everything. But Grace, like style is INNATE!

Only thing I'd do differently with this ensemble is that I would DEFINITELY and maybe even a little DEFIANTLY choose not to accessorise with so much taut face, ears misplaced, forehead eerily bumpy, plastic surgery. I'd do the good old, aging gracefully look. With the great, bold, red lip of course!

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