Thursday, November 18, 2010

Under the influence...

So are you an influencer or do you fall under the influence of influencers around you?! Not  a bad thing either. I really heart this video big time and the person who sent it to me mind you. His passion for brands and how they are made and how they sustain themselves in the market is electric. This video is shot like a dream in one of the greatest cities ever NYC baby! Influencers, such an interesting concept, so simple, yet so overlooked. And at the same time, so darn obvious!Funny Enough this just made me think of the new Lanvin for H&M commercial...besides the point, but also the point I guess...

Have a look and see if you fall under its influence.


  1. Excellent Video! so inspiring and I would love more people to actually take a look at it. Essentially, I think Influencers are those people that do not conform to the norm and because they are remarkable in what they do automatically gain clout and a following. The funny thing is that Influencers do not look to lead, they just do what they do and others appreciate their passion and interest.
    Taking it back to South Africa, its so sad that our "influencers" are followed for the the wrong reasons. Look at Khanyi Mbau, for example. Look at our politicians. Our kids, are following the wrong people as they have no one better to look up to. Anyway, another story over a beer.

    i can't wait for the other chapters of the Documentary to come out.


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