Wednesday, August 11, 2010


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Today I was educated that Canderel, really doesn't cause cancer or Gulf War Disease (I have no clue what that is, but I will get one after this.) among other ailments associated with Aspartame. It turns out, it's a tri-factor amino acid. It comprises of 3 amino acids, so really it's just synthetic protein. That's not so scary is it.Well your body just breaks it down like a protein, which we all know is really not poison.

I must say I was the main person saying, oh no, NO sweetners!Hey we all aren't really sure what causes cancer, but if they tell us something might, I'm not taking ANY chances.Funny how quite a few of us, really believed this rather without checking what allegedly started from what seems to be paramount to a hoax email!Wow!Strange thing though is I'm still not too certain I don't believe it doesn't cause cancer.It's all conditioned I guess.I just have to uncondition it I guess.Uncondition the whole grimace and comment about the cancer they're pouring into their cup.

I'm thinking that  it's also a really interesting greater life comment thing.How we just get stuck on things we haven't seen and take them as truth.So really just spreading stuff we aren't even sure is true.I can't say where I heard the little tit bit that Canderel and well all other artificial sweetners cause cancer,but it does seem to have blown out of control.Maybe it might just be a note to self to say, unless I was there, or I can see really proper evidence from a variety of credible research sources,am I really sure what I'm spreading or believing is the "truf" hey?!

Before you wonder whether I'm getting paid for this little mind wonder, my next comment will put you at ease. I'm glad to know it doesn't cause cancer, but I don't like the taste of Canderel or any other sweetner.It's not natural and that's not my vibe.I like my sugar brown and unrefined, maybe like my men.Ha ha, not quite!It's a matter of personal taste really,but it's good that my choice is now a little more informed.

So that's my bit, Canderel doesn't cause cancer, this I found out and that's what I've been told, don't know about other sweetners and don't know if I will check.

Sweetners,  not for me though, Canderel or any kind.Twice as sweet as sugar and no better or no worse for you.I like to keep it real! ha ha!(Oh I did just say that didn't I.) But no cancer, that's sweet!

It's almost like breaking up with a really sweet guy. Sweet he is, but just not your kind of sweet.

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