Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is what my ex-boyfriend would wear

Dolce&Gabbana spring/summer 2011
Image courtesy of

What?! Well fashion is great, but fashion blogs are a plenty and I'm not in that field, so makes no sense.But there are looks and likes I have and my ex-boyfriend has the body of a real life adonis and can pull off clothes the ordinary male species couldn't...and I look at clothes sometimes or I come across things and I thought yes he'd wear this, should wear this or could really pull this off.More than anything it is an ode to the beautiful man he is outside and in, but also a note to us to be grateful for the people that enter our lives and the wonderful lessons and memories that they leave with us and also to the fact that they are still around in some ways.This is about forgiveness too, not of people who wronged us,that's easy, they didn't do us wrong in isolation, we had a part to play too.It is about forgiving ourselves and also realising that the things we don't like in others are often little itsy bitty things we might ourselves have that we only get perspective on, once we see it in someone...But the best thing about finding or coming across these clothes that my ex-boyfriend would wear,is just the overarching feeling of love,a great profound, comforting, enveloping,wear his t-shirt in the morning simple love.That and the fact that he is one human being who represents art in motion...


A little Vuitton pour homme.Image courtesy of

Dolce&Gabbana Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of
Dolce&Gabbana Spring/summer 2011
Image courtesy of

More the Bottega Veneta look on the far right that he'd rock inordinately well.
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