This ladder...

Ain't that the truth!

That I frankly am not all that keen to climb. Corporate is hard for me. After almost over 2 years away from it, I am convinced now more than ever that it really is diametrically opposed to the intricacies of my soul. It is however a means to an end. I have to work, but not sell my soul. This is what I need to do for now. It is not forever and it is not my life or life's work. I really do not understand the psyche sometimes, okay all the time.

I need to find a way to manage my feelings about this though, because it cannot impact my life while I'm there. I have to find some measure of enthusiasm about it. No matter what.

All suggestions for coping mechanisms welcome ;)

It really makes me scared to be back to all the back stabbing and with holding of information and just that environment of zero trust. I shut down and well that won't be great for my work. Time to push the fear aside and work work work work work!

HappyTuesday people!



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