Autum is arriving...{source}

April! You're on your way out! You've been great! What an experience. But what! Let me not be hasty. You're not done yet and there is still a lot to get through before you're through and a lot that may still surprise us yet!

My blogging has been sporadic at best this month, but I am keeping my soul free from stress of most kinds.

Monday has arrived again... What are you looking forward to? I'm trying to actively practice the enjoyment of right now.

I went to Kamers for the first time ever last week. Through the rain and pushing my friend's newborn around, I realised that it may definitely be an event I add to my yearly must visit calendar! Wow! Gifting is going to a whole new level! My love of stationery is a thing and I'm always on the lookout for great local brands and I discovered Deerly Studio and I will be getting some of their cute gift tags for sure. I'm also going to print their free goal plan, because we can always keep writing our goals down. Need a checklist ;)

Have a wonderful Monday!!!



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