Thursday, December 31, 2015

*Drops mic*

2015 I'm out!!

Thank you and goodbye! We good. I say this as I nurse a raging ear infection, which I've braved for far longer than is honestly necessary! I do that sometimes, okay often, silly me.

It's been a swift year, the months have whizzed by and some days and nights have been so magical, I wanted to close my eyes to soak it all in, but not to fall asleep, so I could hold on and savour the moment a little longer. The great part is the magic of those moments lives in my heart for ever, and that's a pretty long time.

This year came with lessons. Hard lessons, life lessons, love lessons, but you know what, I learnt!

May you be blessed as you bid the greatest of byes to 2015!Savour this the last day of quite a year.

Love, light and lightness today!

Here is my reading list for this time of year...thought it was apt...

I'd love to step into the new year in these! (festive much?!)
I've been wanting a second ear piercing, a little gold perhaps?
I really felt my solo living quite distinctly at certain points this year!
Career has been top of mind this year...what am I doing with my life?! EEK!
A little reflection exercise to close of 2015
Big hugs to hygge (big kids need this too)


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