Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Exit?! Not so fast!

I flee! I realised this about myself. Some people may sugar coat it and say they check out or side step, but it really has been dawning on me more and more that I have a significant ability to flee. I do it so well though, I go very quietly and gently. You don't even realised that I left. Also I'm clever in that I do not get that attached to most people, but they don't realise. Part of protecting my heart now from the fierce love that I give those I love. Too many hurts, shouldn't change a person, but they sure do make you more cautious!!

Also it was so easy to leave. I was never fully attached. People who come into our lives and even those who stay, come with a lesson or perhaps many. I like that. Some lessons are harder to learn and more painful, but not all of them.

I'm liking these lessons though. I flee. Sometimes it's not safer to leave. Leaving is not the only option when I'm uncomfortable. There may just be more comfort in staying.

It's so weird that I find staying so much harder. Good to know this about myself though and well say it out loud. Better still, I stayed. Oh and I still choose to stay.

Staying...let's try this. The French word, "rester" means to stay. I think I may just find peace, love and calm in the space that I don't flee.


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