Monday, May 25, 2015

Last week...let's go!

Well. It's the last week of May! Um...I think I may ;) not quite fully be out of the first week of May quite yet, but this place is moving people, keep up or get knocked out.

She is beautiful from here

I and actually a lot of us, usually post great reads at the end of the week or our weekend list, but as I am in desperate need of a boost as my week begins, I thought I May ;) just change things up a little. What can I do, change is everything you special button.

I read my horoscope a moment ago. I barely processed it, but it's a fun ritual. What does yours say for the week ahead?

I liked the way this was worded, 100 ways to be a love letter to the Universe. Go on and be at least one.

My diary is full this week. It's so bizarre. Most importantly though, I need to make time for a trip to the zoo with my two twinlet darlings and attend the most special grey haired woman's birthday on Friday even. These are the thinks in life that matter to me most!

I was chatting to a guy about work and he told me, work is his life. I wanted to cry and hug him all at once. While for me, that is not the case, it really brought it to the fore for me, how differently I feel about that. While I love using my brain and working super hard brings me an inexplicable satisfaction. When I am happiest and most alive is at my bestie's kitchen table on a Friday afternoon, feeding and entertaining her most beautiful little twin girls, and then one reaches and wants to hold my hand while she eats. (actually crying as I type this, because it is so inexplicably beautiful and heart ripplingly incredible)Does life get more beautiful? I really think not. This is living for me.

There is a time for it all.

I find more and more that I am a notebook maven and I do love me some great stationery. What I really need though are a filofax and my desk needs a rolodex.

Have a splendid week ahead you magic bubbles!


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