Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday match!

Game, set and perhaps a matching outfit or two for a new hobby. I need a new sport or something to do. Not like my newly unemployed plate is not full enough, I've now decided on getting a new sport. I need it!

I was thinking tennis perhaps? The rainy weather in Jozi though is not really conducive to that...Mmm

Even better it comes with life lessons
Mmm and as with the rest of my life, I'm now trying to do one thing at a time. Not working out too well I must say, but I'm trying. I need to add more gyming to my Lenten  list too. Eek! And I was thinking about horse riding..Mm...where oh where do I plan to fit it all in.

We'll keep the look cute and classical a la Vogue of old

Put tennis first on my hobby list perhaps?!

What plans do you have for new hobbies dear blog readers? Any? Or perhaps many like moi?

Maybe I just like to make a racket. (hihi..see what I did there?)


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