Monday, February 24, 2014

Keeping it under control

So my English teacher said to us in our last class of high school, that we should have sex! And if we find ourselves somewhere in our 20's having not tried these carnal pleasures, then we should get a vibrator and if our mothers object, we should buy her one too. Totally shocking at our tender age of 17/18 years, where the words penis and vagina still elicited girlie giggles for fear in some of us of these bits ever connecting! Eek fornication!

I firstly feared sex, for firstly one particular reason, making my Dad a granddad and worst still the heart attack that would possibly elicit. Eek!!

So when I finally took the plunge(eek how did I put those words together.) Anyway no pregnancy was the main aim in life, so contraception was key. Boy did that stuff make me feel sick. I tried them all. Until I made the decision to be off contraception. Also what saved me was not being in a serious relationship, so this was not a concern for me. Pregnancy was not a likely outcome of being singly. hihi

Anyway, I've always been interested in contraception, like any medication and what it does to your body. I also want to have little babes one day, so I need to know what's what. I'm not too sure if I will ever return to contraception that's hormone based, but that's a chat between my doctor and I.

I found these articles on refinery 29 today, which got me thinking. Have a read of this woman and her experience of quitting birth control. Also if you prefer your medication a little more natural, then perhaps you should read this too.

Surprise pregnancies aren't best for me, I don't want to have been on any funny medication or things like that.Not to mention financial and relationship matters. All these things that I don't want to do. I want my baby to have the best start in life even before that ovum and sperm connect.

That's why I still need to plan how I will keep it all under control.


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