Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Farm girl tastes

I always pride myself on being a farm girl at heart. I plan to own a farm one day and I cannot wait to do up my farmhouse, with a huge wrap around verandah. Where my family can pack on a Friday and head out of the crazy city life and we can walk barefoot and I can fill the house with the smell of break baking in the Aga.Yes please!!


Farm girl, doesn't mean simple tastes, it means to me a taste for finding pleasure in the simplest of things. Realising the beauty of stillness and freshness. Activating all your senses. Living. Being ALIVE!

Taste, often brings me back to food. What about a lovely little drinkie drink for our friends who come and stay with us at the future farm?..

Yummy drink recipe here. I would probably swop the mango juice for something else though, but hey, I'll let my guests have their choice.

So many things I could think of that the quiet farm life would bring. Would be so great to raise my babes to swim in the dam and run around barefoot and pat cows and try and catching piglets. So cute.

Farm girl tastes and city living. A girl can have everything she wants.

Tuesday tickles to you my darling bloglets.


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