Thursday, September 12, 2013

Worrisome Wednesday

Yes I did just do that! But heck! I've had lots of worries and today a lot of them came to the fore. So I did what any sane person would do, I kicked off my skirt suit, sling backs and white shirt. Slipped on a t-shirt and got into bed and drifted into a woeful sleep, where I had some pretty bizarre dreams.

Feeling a little better now though.

Hi, this is me and I am an overthinker. Is there a support group for us? Or maybe that would be a bad idea, because we may all OVER over think ourselves into paralysis! Yikes! I would love to be footloose and fancy free, though interestingly some people think I am. Those who know me, know though.

I would love to just jump into something and have that inimitable faith that the success I envision will come to light. Will it into being right? follow my heart and take my head with me. My head is definitely the ball and chain in this case, weighing even the simplest thing down. Sometimes it honestly just is what it is right? I cannot foresee any plethora of things. I just have to have faith that I have done as much due diligence as possible or not really. I can just do some hectic scenario planning in my head and then land up being so awful to deal with, even to myself. Ooh being a worrier is hard. Natural affliction perhaps. Any remedies dear readers? Eek!

Well, worry aside I'm off in pursuit of magic. Lots of it. I'll let my heart navigate, but my head will stop to ask for directions. Fair trade off I'd say.

Worry not too much...the weekend is nigh!


Dive in sometimes right?...

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