Wednesday, September 4, 2013


and all other "todays"
Change is upon us people! Hihi! Well my age is changing tomorrow! YEEHA!! It's my birthday. I am strangely super excited. So much to be excited about. Not only is it one day before the beautiful twinlets are 6 weeks old, but tomorrow is also their beautiful parents wedding anniversary. They now have the best anniversary present ever, little Anna and Florence faces.

So 5 is kinda my favourite number. Not only because I'm born on that day, but I just like it. It turns out I often land up having track number 5 being my favourite on an album. I just like 5 okay. Oh and loooove high fives! yes please!

More recently I've just been reminded how special 5 is to me. Exactly a month ago tomorrow, I had the most spectacular lunch with one of the most beautiful (totally inside and out) people I've ever met. Someone I would like to continue having many more special and spectacular lunches with for more than five more decades.

So tomorrow is a celebration fishes!! For all sorts of things. High fives all around. Change is often good. I find that more and more! Scary as heck and my overactive imagination shoots into over drive, but so much good stuff comes when you open the door and your heart to it.

Tomorrow also marks exactly a week since I followed my heart and flew on a whim and a jetplane just to see what was on the other side.

We are all going through all sorts of changes in our lives. Embrace them, cherish them, but please oh please, stop talking about them and do something. Make it happen!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope that you had thee bestest day yet! I always love reading your posts.


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