Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Come out to play

It is heading for about 32 degrees Celsiusin Joburg today and this is what I'd love to be wearing. Sadly I'm not, but I'm going through a wardrobe rebellion of sorts. Usually very structured and conservative,but I want to come out and play when it comes to my wardrobe. Perhaps it's just a little bit of my internal conflict wanting to express itself in my wardrobe. Still keeping it safe though in all black, even during playtime, as I do. Play time chic perhaps.

I even want to pierce my ear again, up at the top. Because...well because I want to, that is why. So I should right? Though the thought of the pain has me a little hesitant.

I am convinced though that I can combine my work wardrobe with my playful side. Here I go off in search playful chic...

Wondering how you all go out there and style yourselves. Do you put any thought into it?

Whatever you wear...

Remember this.

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