Friday, January 25, 2013

That was yesterday...

Some days are difficult and some people are heinous. This is clearly a fact of life. I am clearly far more naive than I imagined and far less capable of sneaky, underhanded and plain old dirty than I ever knew. Not a particular failing on my part though. Perhaps the naivety continues when I say that I still believe with all my heart and soul that good trumps evil. Even eventually. This I believe to be true. But for now, let me strap up and get ready to do battle. Should be interesting if nothing else. The cool thing is that the cause here is still a good one, that one should always leave a place better for those who come after. This is my aim. Come on people, let's all rally around and do the right thing.

Yesterday the beauty in my ugly day, was definitely going to see the movie, The Intouchables. It's a comedy, albeit a dark one. It's french with sub titles. It's rip roaring funny, but so true of life's interesting nuances and the incredible likeness of strangers. How two people who have never met before and literally live in worlds poles apart are exactly the right thing for each other.

It was also so great to watch the movie and realise that my french is not as rusty as I imagined. I realised that I was not reading the sub titles at all. Moreover I remembered the one thing that dawned on me when I still lived in Paris, that you realise you really know a language when you can start appreciating humour in it, when you can laugh in a language other than your own, I think perhaps that's the point when you can say fluency is probably closer to being a reality.

Here's to Friday. The inescapable beauty of this day, is that it is the start of the weekend and nothing can trump that!



  1. You lived in Paris?! Jealousy overload:) Good does win, if it hasn't yet it just means it's planning a huge victory bash:)

  2. Heather! Big victory bash! I love it!


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