Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday mode

Make a statement!

Monday blues set in from Sunday morning or even Saturday night, the dread starts sinking in. Today I had the brainwave that to get through Monday, I'm going to have to up my mode (french for fashion). Cute clothes are going to make the blues more bearable,I'm thinking.

I think outrageously amazing outfits should be worn on a Monday to chase those blues away!

These have made it to my Monday mode shortlist:

Spring is around the corner.Leather shorts,white tee, simple and fuss free!

Lace, gold and a snazzy Tee

Sequins!Yes please! Great for some Monday enthusiasm with a comfy sweater

Horsing around with some great navy chinos, because hard work is not in order on a Monday.

This is my top pick! Hide my Monday blues under this brim.

1 comment:

  1. The lace gold and snazzy tee sure fits my mood today:-)


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