Monday, April 23, 2012

Lounging around

Love the contrasts in here.

So it seems some semblance of winter has come to Joburg today and as with the change of many seasons, it seems it's got me thinking about change and my space.Okay well, my life is in one hell of a flux at the moment, so change is my first name at the moment. Just trying to keep up with the pace..

Moving into a new apartment a few months back.Super awesome, but super scary and taxing and whole lot of work-ing.

Love the light, the colour and the couch.

Now looking at the current arrangement of my lounge has mea little out of sorts and I think I want to move things around. Don't like the placement of the 2 couches and the chairs. I feel like I'm constantly tripping over  the one couch (imagine that). I feel I'd prefer the flow a little more from my dining area into the lounge area if I put my 2 chairs where the couch is. Interior design dilmenas that I have. perhaps I should use all my girl strength and move couches and chairs. Think I will feel better. Just like I did when I was scrubbing my floors and cleaning my oven yesterday.

Lovely light, warmth and flow.

Is anyone relooking their space at the moment?...I know Bailey is redoing her kitchen.So excited for her, and I know it'll be just magnificent. Can't wait.

Little inspiration from Sex in the City perhaps?

Mm...I think I've decided, I'm moving the furniture around. It seems I have some heavy lifting to do then...

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