Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Okay I love it most times...

Paris, Je t'aime.

Paris. yes!My city, my home for some time.Actually the one place I felt most at home, yet also most alone. Great place of personal polarity.

Lately I've been thinking about Paris a lot. Weird!I definitely had a severe dislike for it, upon my return, but maybe not the place so much, but some of the people!
A few of my favourite haunts in the city of lights!

Moi! Sitting on the Rive Gauche, but sans cigarette.

But it is a beautiful city and maybe I'd like to give my ex,Paris (the city), another chance.Maybe I'd like to live there again just for a bit or even an extended visit, just to reacquaint myself with le lover, Paris, and maybe it could get to know me as I am now. Partly thanks to Paris.

A little Vespa to get around.

L'entreee to mon apartement.
In the right arrondisement.
Une bonne journee, starts with breakfast on the balcony at the Plaza Athenee

Ah Paris tu me manques. Gros biz xx

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