Monday, October 24, 2011

Beauty sleeping

I'm not feeling particularly broody, but today, more than most days, I feel like being with a sleeping baby. Not my nephews, but my own. My own little bundle of sleeping, beauty.

it truly is..
The one magical, miraculous, most unequivocally special person, to whom  I can truly say,

There is nothing better and more beautiful than a baby. But a sleeping baby. In those few moments of silence and peace, they encompass all that is right and beautiful with the world. As you watch this little ball of perfection look perfectly at peace and their little chests rise and fall and their mouths let out the littlest sighs of blissful sleep, you are all at once amazed and grateful at this wonderful miracle of God. Life has meaning and you know there is no greater love.

Even Audrey Hepburn agrees.

This is what I wanted to do today more than anything.Well frankly one of the things I always wanted to do in my life was a have a little boy and watch him sleep. There is no particular rush, but today more than ever this would really ease my soul and make life make Perfect sense.
Gustav Klimt painted it.

Call me crazy, I love them awake, asleep, even when they're a little cranky, because well babies are the best! There is no word yet devised to describe their level of awesome. But when they are asleep, it just ups the ante of amazing to a whole new level.

Winnie the Pooh says love is a feeling.

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  1. Sooooooooooo special! My own little bundle of sleeping, beauty. Yes please! x


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